Prepare, Submit, Assess, Certify, Job Done!

Lodge standardised payment claims and schedules, online, in seconds on any device.

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Powerful for the large contractor,

Simple for the SME contractor bridges the gap between multiple organisations and stakeholders, by providing an easy-to-use, real-time, online collaboration platform. Developed specifically around construction needs, it works by allowing contract parties to collaborate on a neutral platform, eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations, email trails and heated phone calls. reduces cost, drives efficiency, improves returns and reduces risk, by delivering immediate benefits that grow over time:

  • Cost reductions: measurable savings in contract administration management, reductions of up to 50%
  • Time savings: collaborative automation, efficiency, and transparency
  • Risk control: Security Of Payments Act certified across all states, reduced disputes, and adjudication

Features for all contractors, large and small

  • Go mobile works on all mobile and tablet devices! Prepare, submit and approve from anywhere!

  • Workflow management

    Multi-stage approval process.

  • Automatic email reminders

    You’ll never have to ‘remember’ to raise a claim again!

  • Easy variations

    Add and manage variations with ease and get the answers on variations before your next claim. No more doubts!

  • Works with existing systems

    No need to replace any software or systems you are currently using.

  • Compliance checklist

    Manage and track document compliance for all contractors.

  • Written explanations for all modifications

    Understand exactly what is and isn’t getting paid and why. Real detail!

  • Instant retention tracking

    Project-to-date retention notified every time!

  • Collaborative system

    The information you need, in a format you understand, on time and accurate.

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Enhances existing systems

Continuously integrating with all leading enterprise and small business accounting applications.



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